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Fic for darkblysse - Seen too much 
4th-Apr-2009 02:37 pm
Title: Seen too much
Author: picca
Beta readers: arteww and sarelon, murielago helped a bit too
Written for: darkblysse

Pairings: Ed/Hei, maybe something else too
Rating: mild R
Genre: angsty drama, kind of PWP, slight AU (Alfons didn’t die)
Word count: 737
Summary: And now, as they were finally together, he came into noticing his brother had already his other version beside him – Alfons Heiderich.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I'm getting nothing.

A/N: This fic is written for darkblysse, whose prompt I liked very much – this was nice to write. It happens quite soon after movie. The prompt after the fic.

First version of this is written in Finnish 'cause I can’t think fluently in English, and after dear arteww said it was okay, I translated. Big hug for arteww and sarelon for checking this version, and for murielago for helping with the most difficult sentences, they really saved my ass. <3 I’ll put the Finnish version to my LJ some time after these are revealed.

This is my first fic in FMA fandom, and the second fic I have done in English, so this is little bit exciting. Hope you like it. :)

Seen too much

Alphonse slowed down while approaching the door of the study. Ed and Alfons had gone in more than an hour ago, after a failed experiment with rockets, and neither of them had seemed cheerful. It had seemed like a good idea to stay away from their way and bury himself in a book while they were checking their calculations for the hundredth time, but now... now he began to feel restless and hungry, and to tell the truth, he just wanted to go home with Ed and pretend there was no one else in the world.

He had spent the last two years desperately searching for a way to either bring Ed back to Amestris, or to cross the Gate himself to be with him. And now, as they were finally together, he came into noticing his brother had already his other version beside him – Alfons Heiderich. Alfons who was so mature and intelligent and knew everything about rockets. Alfons who was better than Al in just everything. Alfons who never had time to spend with Al.

It felt like Alfons was taking Ed completely from him, and that was utterly unfair. Had Alfons always been by Ed, understanding and loving, even when Ed had done something less admirable? Had Alfons spent four years in an armour and despite that been always there for Ed?

Nope. Al let the anger inside himself grow until he felt brave enough to take the last few steps to the rejecting looking door. He was even angry enough to yank the door open without knocking.

He stood there stupefied, blinking rapidly, and trying to understand the scene in front of him. His first thought was that Ed and Alfons had been fighting – Alfons had pressed Ed against the desk so that Ed’s cheek was rubbing uncomfortably against the wooden surface. Ed’s hands were behind his back and he seemed to be in pain. Alfons, for his part, seemed like he was enjoying the situation.

Immediately Al understood it couldn’t be like that. Alfons had never practised fighting, and besides, he was ill. Had Ed been against the treatment, Alfons would have never known what hit him.

But if they were not fighting...

Two pairs of very surprised eyes were riveted to Al, who finally got what kind of situation he was interrupting. He didn’t need be told to fuck off – he slammed the door shut as fast as he could and rested his back against it, face turning bright red.

No matter how hard he tried to forget what he’d seen, the sight seemed to be burnt to his retinas. The messy study with books and papers lying everywhere, even pinned on the desk underneath Ed’s chest, and Ed’s golden bangs swimming in a puddle of ink. And Alfons behind him, holding his wrists, at that moment ostensibly in control.

No one should end up seeing his brother like that. Al was shaking his head vehemently, but the image in his head did not fade away.

It would have been awkward enough to catch Ed with someone unknown, but Alfons was... well, kind of Al himself, or one version of him at least. It made him utterly uncomfortable and he didn’t know how he should take it.

Al shoved himself off the door and made his way across the workshop half running. He didn’t actually know the employees yet, but some of them greeted him nonetheless. He just nodded without even looking at them.

Some part of him was waiting for footsteps to run after him, and the voice to shout his name, begging him to stop. The other, and bigger, part of him guessed Ed didn’t want to see him right now, just like he didn’t want to see Ed. Both of them needed some time to think about the revelation.

Besides, Ed had had something unfinished going on.

Brightness of the sun was blinding, when Al yanked the door open and stepped into summer afternoon. Fresh air soothed him a bit and he was able to go through his mind and try to find what bothered him most.

Answering that was not easy. He admitted the truth to himself only after reaching the park quite far from the workshop.

It wasn’t about Alfons being his doppelganger, or Ed spending so much time with Alfons. The worst thing was him feeling an uncontrollable urge to be there instead of Ed.


The prompt:

Username: DarkBlysse
E-mail: katherinejweir@gmail.com
FOUR pairings or characters: Edward, Alphonse, Heiderich, Roy.
Particular wishes:
I really am a huge fan of Alphonse and Heiderich as a couple, and can
never seem to track down any decent fic about it. Eternal love if you
can crank that out! Or, y'know, if you're up for some 'adult' writing,
a threesome of the blondes is always good. ^^ But really, just do
anything with any of the blondes, and you're golden. xD <3
Particular dislikes:
Extreme A/U. I don't mind tweaks done within the FMA universe
(IE--Heiderich never died, or Al crossed the Gate instead of Ed at the
end of the anime, etc), but things like shoving them into high school
or on a pirate ship aren't my cup of tea.
Preferred Genre: Yaoi, romance, angst, even some crack is nice, too. ^^
Max Rating: I'm up for anything you can throw at me!
Verse: I can write both the anime and manga verses. Fully up to date on the manga. ^^
6th-Apr-2009 02:37 am (UTC)
I loved it, hon! :D <3 And I'm amazed with how well you did, translating it over to English, too! :O

The angst in this was just great and I love how you brought out Alphonse's personality in it.

Thanks so much, dear! :D <333
6th-Apr-2009 12:00 pm (UTC)
I'm very glad you liked it. It really was nice to write.

I was a bit worried about my English though I understand well, but writing is more difficult. I had to use several beta readers (and they were awesome <3). But I'm learning all the time, and I'd like to do more staff in English.

Thanks for lovely comment. <3
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