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FMA Fic Exchange
15th-Jul-2009 08:55 pm - Mod Post: Apologies and Thank-yous
First of all, I'd like to apologize to all members, participants--especially participants-- and watchers for our recent negligence. One of our moderators has been dealing with some serious personal matters, and eyesofthenight and I have been unable to coordinate the time, effort, and energy we need to be able to run properly run this community, due to changes in fandom taste as well as real-life changes.

We have agreed that it has been unfair to keep this community open and unfinished as long as we have, and have decided to close. To all interested parties, we direct your attentions to fma_fic_contest, which is a welcoming, active FMA fic contest community that opened a few months ago.

If there are any parties interested in reviving fma_exchange at any time, please contact me at ryuusenka@gmail.com; inquiries may be directed to said e-mail address, as well.

To participants of the most recent round: As of yet, we have not read nor judged your entries. If you would like us to do so, by all means, please comment to the post and we will be more than happy to finish fma_exchange's last round. Otherwise, please accept our deepest apologies for keeping you in the dark so long.

Thank you all, and I hope to see you elsewhere around fandom. ♥

Don't forget.

[Screencap taken by moogledaime.]
11th-Jul-2009 12:20 pm(no subject)
Sorry for the delay, but nothing has really been decided. Consider the comm on a permanent hiatus until Kalliel decides what to do with it. You can post your fics around if you'd like, and if no decision has been made on the current/most recent rounds winners, I will post them by July 24.

Sorry for the delay/miscommunication/craziness!
7th-May-2009 10:40 pm - Results
Results for the most recent round will be a little delayed, but we will have them up shortly.

Look for the new round sign ups in the next few days.

(kallieeeeeeeellll...message me if you could plz!)
5th-Apr-2009 07:56 pm - Holiday Round: Results!
free fall
There was a tie for most votes, but the entry "Gatekeeping" was disqualified because...Yeah. Because Kalliel says so. XP

The Holiday Exchange WINNER is A Little of You, Makes Me Your Man by karkashan (PG; Roy, Olivia; manga!verse), written for kambeiadaro!

Voting was quite close! So congratulations also to our lovely participants:
Shimmers of Hope by kambeiadaro (PG; Winry, Gracia), written for dreamer1789

Heroes of Old by dreamer1789 (PG; Roy/Ed; post-movie AU), written for dragon_fairie

Gatekeeping by kalliel [sub for dragon_fairie] (PG; Envy, Alphonse-in-the-Gate; manga!verse), written for karkashan

Thank you to all who voted and participated! I'll have fun-filled banners for everyone by this Friday. Please feel free to cross-post your fics wherever you so choose, at this point. (I know, it's been an eternity since these were written, yeah?)

fma_exchange Mod Staff,
kalliel, eyesofthenight, and seers_atemu
5th-Apr-2009 10:11 pm(no subject)
Thank you all for turning your entries in on time. Please take the time to read through all the pieces and comment on them during the next two weeks.

After that judging will begin and on the last day of April, we will post the winner's info!!!
29th-Mar-2009 12:05 am(no subject)

Title: The Party's Here on the West Side
Author's Name: Karkashan

Written For:  picca 
Pairing or Character: Edward and Mustang
Rating: T+ for language.
Spoilers/Warnings:  Not too much into the manga. chapter 58 I think. / Bromance (not yaoi, sorry)

You're just upset because you have to repair the damage that you did while apprehending that one particular criminal, Edward.Collapse )
30th-Mar-2009 04:19 pm - March/April Exchange: Alchemy Lesson
[Izaya] Lollipop

Title: Alchemy Lesson
Author: DarkBlysse
Written For: Karkashan
Characters: Al/Mei, Ed
Rating: PG (For a few sorta kinda bad words. :B)
Word count: 536
Mei gives Alphonse some alchemy lessons. But he really should pay better attention...

A/N: Wow... you guys are really trying to stretch my boundaries, eh? XD Not only am I primarily a yaoi writer, I never dabble in fluff. But, I did it! \o/ Thanks for the challenge, guys. ^_~

4th-Apr-2009 02:37 pm - Fic for darkblysse - Seen too much
Title: Seen too much
Author: picca
Beta readers: arteww and sarelon, murielago helped a bit too
Written for: darkblysse

Pairings: Ed/Hei, maybe something else too
Rating: mild R
Genre: angsty drama, kind of PWP, slight AU (Alfons didn’t die)
Word count: 737
Summary: And now, as they were finally together, he came into noticing his brother had already his other version beside him – Alfons Heiderich.

Alphonse slowed down while approaching the door of the study.Collapse )
29th-Mar-2009 10:58 am - Holiday Round Voting
free fall
At present, we do not have enough votes to determine a winner for the Holiday Round of fma_exchange. If you haven't already, please VOTE HERE for the fic you found most enjoyable.

Voting has been extended until 11:50PM PST on 1 April 2009.

Thank you!
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