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FMA Fic Exchange
Mod Post: Updated Mission Statement, Rules/Guidelines 
30th-Aug-2007 07:54 am
free fall
Last Updated 11 Jan 08

fma_exchange was originally created to encourage writers to step outside boundaries and stretch their creative talents further. For instance, if one wrote purely Ed x Winry, it might be interesting to be assigned Alphonse Elric gen!fic (or even Ed/Greed/Ling/Winry, if you wanted to try something really new XD).

It was also created to help writers improve their craft, not only in terms of mechanics but also in characterization (of yes, even characters she/he did not normally think about).

I thought it would be prudent to tweak the rules/guidelines a bit, in the hopes of making this community both more accessible and more fun.

Membership is no longer moderated. All LJ users may join and participate without prior 'screening'.


1) At some point during the first week of each session (each session lasting two months), members will be able to respond to the submission post with their request. You do not have to participate each month, if you don't want to-- participation is absolutely voluntary.

2) All the names will go into a hat, and everyone will be assigned someone else’s request purely by chance. A mod will e-mail you with your recipient's lj username and a link to her request. You may not switch prompts/request a new one. Do the best you can; this is a learning experience!

3) You will have two months to choose one of the pairings or characters from the request (though if feeling ambitious, you may attempt more than one), and write a story of at least 1,000 words according to your recipient’s wishes.

Sidenote: Also, the main point of fics is that they are secret. This means that we don't reveal our recipients, pairings, characters, etc. unless we're betaing each others' fics. Be discreet, and do not press your fellow members to reveal details.

4) On the last day of the session, you'll publish your story. See below for how to publish your fic.

5) Your post will be screened so that only mods will be able to see it. The fic will then be send to an anonymous panel of volunteer judges. They will read each fic, awarding points to fics based on the following categories: adherence to prompt, writing mechanics, style, characterization, and overall enjoyment.

6) Posts will be unscreened once all judges complete a review. At this point, participants will be free to cross-post their fics. Awards (banners/icons) will be given.


Mods will write a request post for every session. You must reply to that post, and to that post only with:

Your username:
Your E-mail:
FOUR pairings or characters:
Particular wishes:
Particular dislikes:
Preferred Genre:
Max Rating:

Do you write anime!verse, manga!verse, or both?:

Got it? So For Example:

Your username: tragicamente
Your Email: faithsharp@gmail.com
FOUR pairings or characters: Ed/Al, Roy/Ed, Winry, Riza
Particular wishes: I'd like some jealousy to be shown.
Particular dislikes: No mention of Winry/Ed
Preferred Genre: Romance/Action
Max Rating: R

Do you write anime!verse, manga!verse, or both? Both

Also No Character or Pairing bashing. You're here because you're a good writer and you enjoy writing, so anything any of the FMA characters does has to be plausible - if you're suddenly going to write Al off as hating his brother just so it's convenient for another pairing then you probably shouldn't be here.

When requesting a fic,don't make anything too specific/off-the-wall, but don't be afraid either. If you really want to see Armstrong x Winry, go ahead and request it, but also give alternatives (like Armstrong gen). We want to try make sure everyone gets what they want, but we don't want to make it too difficult for the writers, either!


1) You may publish your fic to the community itself, or you may make a post linking to it elsewhere (fanfiction.net, your writing journal, etc), but only on the designated day - do NOT publish it before.

2) Wherever you decide to publish your fic, you must include in the post to the community the following information:

Author's Name:
Written For:
Pairing or Character:

3) LATE FICS. (Updated 11 Jan 08) If your entry is not posted on the specified due date, it will be ineligible for judging/receiving constructive criticism. However, you will be expected to finish your story as soon as possible. Please remember that this is an exchange; someone is writing for you, so you should reciprocate by finishing your prompt!

If you will not have access to a computer on the specified due date, make an effort to post it to the community ahead of time. If you run out of time and are unable to convert the entry to HTML before the due date, mail it to ryuusenka@gmail.com so that the mods can format it for you. (We don't mind--really! ;D)

(Written by iy_flashfic mods, tweaked so that it applies to here. Used with permission.)

If you are interested in judging for fma_exchange, or would like more information, please e-mail ryuusenka@gmail.com.

If you have any other questions/criticisms, feel free to use the e-mail listed above, or post a comment to this post. Thank you!
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