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September-October: Results!

First of all, thank you for all the submissions this round! They were fantastic, and it was unbelievably hard to pick favorites--it was quite close!

Please congratulate...

First Place: ranty_rie's "Almost a Fairytale" (PG-13; Envy), written for dragon_fairie!

"The child dies, the mother weeps and the father leaves; in his wake, he leaves a monster and the master of the monster, and that's how the story began."

Runner Up: cosmicbiscuit's "White Noise" (PG-13; Scar), written for ranty_rie!

"One more day, one more touch, one more breath, one more drink, one more bite, they need, they need-"

And congratulations to the participants,
eyesofthenight's "Princely Greed" (PG-13; Greed(Ling)), written for karkashan
karkashan's "The Bottom Row's Gold" (PG-13; Ed/Havoc), written for cosmicbiscuit
dragon_fairie's [untitled] (PG-13; Envy), written for eyesofthenight

Thank you for an amazing round~ Judges' comments will be posted to your entries here shortly. Awards banners will come as soon as kalliel has made something that doesn't resemble Photoshop run over by a semi. :P

Questions, comments and concerns can be place in comments on this post or e-mailed directly to me or one of the other staff members.
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