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FMA Fic Exchange
13th-Feb-2009 04:16 pm
LK reach

Hey guys!! 

Just a reminder on this sessions exchange.  We're now pretty much over the halfway point, so I hope everyone has gotten started on their prompt and having fun with it.  And that the due date for posting is February 28th!!  If anyone thinks they won't be able to make the deadline, drop myself or kalliel a line and let us know!

Now, because this round is working a little differently, I would ask that when you are ready to submit your story, that you email it to me at running_wild17@hotmail.com and I will post them to the comm, can you include this as it will make it easier for me to post:

Written For:
Pairing or Character:
Rating: if applicable
Wordcount: if applicable
Spoilers/Warnings: if applicable

As well as this, because no one else knows who is writing what fic or even who requested which one, I ask that you not post your stories anywhere else until after all the authors have been revealed, that way, it is a surprise for everyone.  Any questions, ask away

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